MARETweb Project Instant Tutorial

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Getting Started

If you are a therapist, a counselor or a pastor you are encouraged to JOIN the MARETweb Project. The MARETweb Project is a comprehensive client assessment and practice management tool designed to optimize your efforts while you are helping others. All subscriptions to the MARETweb Project are on a 30-day no risk trial basis. You may use the MARETweb Project as much as you like within the 30 day trial period. There are absolutely no restrictions.

To start your 30-day trial, click on the Join MARETweb Today option on the main screen. Once you have joined the MARETweb Project you can login and get started exploring the Project!

Logging In

Once you have joined the MARETweb Project, you can login from the main screen. In order to login, you use the email address that you used to create the account and the password. Once after successfully logging in to the MARETweb Project you will have access to the whole program instantly.

The MARETweb Dashboard

Once you successfully logged in to the MARETweb Project, you will go to the MARETweb Dashboard. The MARETweb Dashboard gives you many options. We will only discuss a few of those options here. You can learn more about the full features of the Dashboard later.

Client Management

When you click on Client Management, you enter the QuikClient screen. This is where all activity related to client is conducted. We will discuss a few very important functions of this screen.

Therapist Management

The Therapist Management option allows you to modify and add information related to your personal therapist account. This information includes your address, email address, you password, your specialties and other important information. Use this any time that your information changes.

Launch an eSystem

The MARETweb Project includes entire sub-systems that we call eSystems.

What is an eSystem? An eSystem is a sub-program that allows you to manage large amounts of data.

For example, the relationship eSystem allows the therapist to create a couple (e.g., a married couple) for marriage counseling. When that couple is created, the therapist can obtain combined results from the Marriage Inventory. The therapist will also be informed by the eSystem if other Assessments should be administered. The therapist will also be able to create an entire automated treatment plan for the couples' therapy. That treatment plan is completely dynamic and becomes a virtual roadmap for the entire counseling episode.

The GiftMaster Spiritual Gifts Management eSystem allows a pastor to incorporate all Spiritual Gifts results into one system. From there, the pastor can create specific volunteer jobs, attach individuals to jobs, and dynamically search the database for individuals to fill specific positions. The system automatically prompts the pastor to show viable connections between open jobs and individuals who have specific spiritual gifts associated with those jobs.

MARETweb Development

The MARETweb Development option shows the user the progress of continued development. Since the MARETweb Project is an on-going web project, we use this area to alert users to the latest developments. Check this area often to see what has been completed and what is coming next!

Professional Documents

There are currently over 60 professional documents contained within the MARETweb Project. All of those documents are posted in PDF format. You may download those documents, read them, or print them.


QuikClient is where all client information is managed. This includes Assessments, session notes, diagnosis and all other information related to the client. The amount of information presented on this page is very comprehensive. In this short tutorial we will cover some of the basics that you need to get started.

At the top of the screen, you have a menu bar that contains often-used functions. We will examine some of those options first.

New Client Menu Option

This is where you create a client account. You need their first name and their last name. It is also important to include their email, if at all possible. We will discuss why an email address is important shortly.

View/Edit Client Menu Option

This is where you edit and view client information. If you need to add an email address onto an account, you can do so here.

Load Client Menu Option

In order to perform any functions on a client's record -- like administering an Assessment or adding a session note -- you need to load the client into memory. Use this function to locate a client and add them into memory.

Referral List Menu Option

Most therapists have a listing of other therapist or counseling organizations to whom they refer individuals if the therapist feels that they are not a good fit for their practice. In this area you can add all of your own referral contacts. You may also set yourself up in the referral system so that other local therapists can see who you are. This is an option that you can elect to use.

Administer Assessment Menu Option

This option launches the ability to administer the counseling Assessments. You must have a client loaded in order to use this function. There are three options for administering an Assessment.
  • You may administer the Assessment on your computer screen while the client is in your office. To do so, you would choose the ON SCREEN option. When you click on administer, the Assessment will appear on the screen and the client can take the Assessment in your office.
  • You may have the client take the Assessment on paper. Paper copies of all of the Assessments are located in the Documents section of the program (under the menu). The client would fill out the answer sheet. When they return the answer sheet to you, you will re-enter the client's choices in a matrix specially designed for data re-entry. In order to use this option, you should print a copy of the desired Assessment, give it to the client, and when you have the answer sheet returned to you, choose the paper re-entry option.
  • You may also remotely assess a client. Remote Assessment allows you to choose an Assessment to administer to the client. When you choose the Remote Assessment option, the online program sends the client an email. That email contains a link to a sub-site associated with the MARETweb Project. When the client enters that sub-site, they will create a password using the email address that you have entered in the system. Once they login to the sub-site they will see a list of Assessments that you have assigned to them. They simply choose an Assessment from the list that you provided, take the Assessment, and the Assessment results are placed by in your database. The client does not have access to their records -- only to the Assessment itself. The client may take the Assessment on any computer anywhere that has an Internet connection, including on most smart phones.
Refresh Data Menu Option

After you make changes to a client's record, you may want to see those changes listed in the summary that appears on the QuikClient screen. In order to update the screen information you should click on the Refresh Data menu option. This updates all information on the main screen.

Share This With A Friend

If you find the MARETweb Project profitable, you will want to share information about the site with a friend. We have included an easy way to do just that. You can click on the share option, type in a friend's email address and a note to your friend. When you submit this form, an email will be sent to your friend. If your friend joins the MARETweb Project, you will receive a free month of subscription service for each friend that joins. Just think, you could virtually get the subscription free just for referring people to the MARETweb Project!

QuikClient Summary Information

The QuikClient screen contains a complete summary of a client's account. We are continually adding to the summary information on the QuikClient screen. The summary includes:
  • A list of the last 10 Assessments given to the client.
  • The Personality Constructs of the client taken from Personality Style Assessment results.
  • Pending and completed Remote Assessments (for all of your clients).
  • A summary of the last 10 session notes.
  • A list of drugs that the client takes.
Viewing Assessment Results

Under the "Assessments Administer To..." heading in the summary you will find a highlighted option that says "View All". When you click on that option, you will be able to see a list of all Assessments that have been administered to a client. While there, click on an Assessment and choose to view results. You will see a comprehensive report associated with the Assessment.

New Session Note

Under the summary heading for Session Notes you can choose to add a "New Session Note".

Edit/Delete/View Session Notes

Under that same heading you can choose to view, delete and edit previously written session notes.

Add/Edit/Delete Client Drugs

It is important for any therapist to know the drugs that a client is taking -- even if that therapist is not able to script those drugs. Drugs often have adverse affects on a client's behaviors. The side-effects of some drugs are worse than the problems that resulted in the prescription in the first place. Furthermore, many drugs are addicting. The therapist needs a complete inventory of all drugs that a client is taking for informational purposes.

You may add, edit and delete to the client's drug list. If you add drugs that are on the predetermined list, you will gain more information on the summary screen -- including addiction potential. Also, predetermined system drugs all contain fact sheets that are extremely informative. We continue to expand the database of predetermined drugs based on the names of drugs that are commonly incorporated in the database.

View Drug Fact Sheets

Some common drugs are included in the system with fact sheets associated with the drug's characteristics including addiction potential and side effects. You will find these drug fact sheets to be very informative.

Client Drug Checklist

In order to accumulate all of the drugs that a client is taking we have created a drug checklist. This is a PDF document. You may print this, copy it, and give it to every client that you see. When they return it, you can put all of the client's drugs in their record.

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